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Difficulties encountered institutional reform of state-owned forest farms
"People difficult to enter, no subsidies, and so on by want, and difficult to manage," This is a new problem now State Forestry Center Reformation first area encountered.
September 23 to 25, the "First Financial Daily" reporters in Zibo City, Shandong Province, Linyi City survey interviews found that as the country's first district and state forest farm reform pilot areas, although the reform has achieved results, but also encountered institutional mechanisms bottlenecks.
"I am most worried about is the forestry people will return to the situation before the 1986 reform." 23rd and 12th National People's Congress, Zibo City, Shandong Province, the former state-owned Forest Farm 孙建博 party secretary told this reporter.
Linyi City, the state-owned Forestry center grows Tianma Wang Xin also told reporters reflect: "After the reform, forest workers into the local budget in full, to take on the fixed salary, but actually increased the difficulty of management."
At present, the reform of state-owned forest farms are state-owned forest farms in the country 4855 to accelerate. According to this reporter learned that the state-owned forest farms in some provinces of the reform program has been submitted to the State Council departments.
According to the CPC Central Committee, the State Council in March of this year issued a "state-owned tree farm reform program", to 2020, to basically form a functional position clear, streamlined and efficient personnel, and management for the purchase of services, resources to implement the regulatory classification of Woodland management of the new system.
Production of institutions to be "one size fits all"
In 2011, the State Forestry Administration, State Forestry Center in Shandong Province approved the overall reform program, Linyi City became the first pilot reform of state-owned forest farms City, Shandong Province. 2012, 29 state-owned forest farms Linyi 827 employees include all full budget. By the end of 2013, Linyi fully completed the main task of reform.
Linyi City Forestry Bureau Changpu Station Master Min Cheung Hong introduction, the pilot reform, forestry workers from the per capita wage income less than 5,000 yuan at the beginning of reform reach the current 40,000 yuan, and fully integrated into the social security system, a fundamental solution the food pension issues. Woodland infrastructure also into local economic and social development plan, Linyi City invested 120 million yuan to improve the Woodland roads, office space, utilities, communications, radio, television and other "last kilometer" problem.
At the same time, state-owned forest farms Linyi ramshackle project also received the central, provincial subsidies 44.68 million yuan, benefiting 1,539 workers, forestry workers to achieve the "mountains have beds, the city has a suite," the long-cherished wish. State-owned Forest Farm stable at 95% coverage, effective protection of forest resources.
But at the same time, state-owned forest farms workforce "aging out of stock" issue prominent, and updates difficult.
Linyi City Bureau of Statistics data show that the city forestry workers, mostly in the 1980s and the recruitment of children replace Woodland, about the average age of 50 years, 40 years and above accounted for more than 80 percent; generally low education, college education only 16.9%; too few professional and technical personnel, technical strength is weak.
"Forestry as fully employed staff every institution into compulsory, forest in the introduction, restricted employment mechanism, resulting in Woodland talent merchandise, development is restricted." Xiang Wang Min said, the personnel department for the state-owned forest farms employ staff must be more than undergraduate degree threshold is too high.
"Our state-owned forest farms into the index every year, but in the job market to recruit people. Some popular jobs, there are hundreds of places an individual application, but also a few people applied Woodland post. Eligible come, dry a couple of years was gone. proposes to reduce the threshold to enter, some post college degree okay? "Min Cheung Hong said.
Last January, the Linyi municipal government issued "on deepening the reform and development of state forest farm advice" has been put forward, "Managers need to develop state-owned forest farms, expertise and special forest rangers and other staff positions given policy on hiring tilt, apply conditions to relax, to reduce barriers to entry. "
But Wang Xin reflect, "This is just the documentation requirements, in fact, not yet implemented."
Tianma Woodland 54-year-old worker plum Jinshan reflect, Tianma Forestry became a class after the national institutions has also brought new problems, "after the introduction of the eight provisions, forest workers allowances, subsidies are canceled every year to fire period, 7-8 months to 24 hours on duty in the mountains, but not a penny of benefits. Therefore, we appeal to raise some of the treatment, at least for overtime, to be reflected in income. "
Wang Xin reflect the pilot reform, "staff management also encountered difficulties to get a fixed salary, the workers claim 8 hour work, especially young people, and the nature of Woodland's difficult to do this."
Xiang Wang Min told reporters that the state-owned forest farms is a special production of institutions, by labor, performance appraisal, in the specific policy should not be "one size fits all."
The most worried Back "and rely on to" state
Sun jian bo told reporters, "" state-owned forest farm reform plan "issued after ecological forest ecological country will take the money to buy, I am worried that people will return to the forestry situation in 1986 pre-reform former state finance reform is to take the money to feed Woodland, Woodland result of poverty, backwardness, closed most worried about is the people due to the Woodland ideology is not liberation, back to the past and so on through to the state. " "Original Forest Farm has been able to succeed, the most important thing is not waiting by to." Wang Yancheng said, "there are still a number of forest, ecological forest as a burden, poor-mouth all day, that the state should pack up. But even reform , who eat rice finances, and can not wait to rely on. " Forest Farm is a former Zibo City Forestry Bureau under the balance institutions, founded in 1957, with a total business area of ​​43,013 acres, under the six battalions forest, a landscaping company and a good wood seedling breeding base. In 1986, the state institutions were "thing into enterprises' reform, the former Forest Farm as a pilot unit was forced to carry out reforms. "With the time saying is 'weaning', only eat finance the Woodland money to cut off. Some workers 13 months did not get a penny, water and electricity at home." Sun Jianbo said. After that, the former Forest Farm rely on bank loans to run from the wood shop, ice cream factory, dairy plant and other enterprises are at a loss because of poor management. 1996, Zibo municipal government turn desperate Zibo City horticultural field placed under the original forest farm management, two long-standing accumulated debt reached 40.09 million yuan. December 1996, Sun Jianbo as former head of the farm forestry. So that everyone's surprise, had to make a living by selling wood forest, announced the cessation of commercial logging. "Trees are chopped down, what is also called the forestry people? Moreover, the limited harvest also can not earn much money. Our comprehensive than today's national policy to stop logging in advance for 20 years." Su jian bo he said. Each year, the former Forest Farm to forest tending process needs to remove the tree transplanted into their nursery, the supply to urban green projects, both to increase revenue, and reduce the cost of public welfare forest. In 1997, the former Forest Farm was set up groups to ecological protection foundation, to benefit the market through the development of the forestry industry. The first step is to put the project on the original loans were re-invigorated, the shares can be shares, can lease rental, to private have private, can buy out the buyout, the "dead money" into "live money", while new on the part of the market prospects of the project. Sun Jianbo told reporters that 20 years ago, the national holiday tourism policy has not yet introduced, people for leisure travel has virtually no concept of original forest field since 1999, in Shandong province to build its first forest park, then to the tourist market He earned a pot of gold. After that, the former Forest Farm has run from the first in Shandong Province Tree Birds, the first folk style park, the first Jiashan body pasture, etc., to the present, it has formed has two 4A level scenic spots, four of the original mountain hotel Great travel patterns. "The annual tourism income of nearly 100 million yuan." Former deputy director Wang Yancheng Forest Farm said. In addition, the former Forest Farm also set up a joint-stock enterprises former Hill Winery, the original mountain green companies, tourism, real estate companies, these enterprises solve the families of workers, employment of children. "Forestry is responsible for the ecological protection, the Group main livelihood security, and common development." Sun Jianbo told reporters that in 2014, the former Forest Farm and the former Hill Group's total revenue has more than 500 million yuan.
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